Odlomak 3

(Thomas Bernhard, Correction)

Because he spoke of it so often and with such passion and such scientific precision at the same time, they no longer believed that he would actually commit suicide, for anyone who talks about it as much as our cousin did, as incidentally the others did too, his father for instance always talked about suicide and kept bringing it up and every time in a better organized frame of mind, such a man, they think, won't really commit suicide, on the contrary, such a man keeps clarifying the idea of suicide in his head and as a result he doesn't commit suicide, having this clarification in his head and being constantly capable of analyzing this clarification, he simply can't commit suicide anymore, because he has this constant clear understanding of suicide, so Roithamer, to act out in reality something he'd always been talking about and which must basically always be repellent to him, he simply couldn't do it, every possible argument, every possible reason, every possible negation could lead to anything, usually to a mortal disease, but not to suicide, so Roithamer, because ultimately everything  inside such a head is against self-destruction, and yet it's remarkable how regularly such a man will talk about suicide and about self-destruction, the subject gave him no peace, it tended to warp his reason, which he then proceeded to restore again, and yet one couldn't help being struck, so Roithamer, by the way our cousin kept talking almost incessantly about suicide after his marriage to the doctor's daughter from Kirchdorf, but nobody took him seriously, so Roithamer, nobody had the slightest apprehension that he would actually commit suicide, because he was constantly talking about suicide as if he were talking about a subject he entirely understood, though it did remain fascinating to him, just as though he were talking about some work of art, with the most scientific detachment. And anyone who talks so scientifically about suicide, as though it were a work of art, talks about it with a clear precision that humbles the rest of us, why, such a person simply doesn't commit suicide. Not until he nevertheless did commit suicide, of course, throwing himself down that fissure in the rock, so Roithamer. But to return to my subject, I was speaking of human unions, of living together, of marriage, so Roithamer.

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