Nešto malo božanstveno

... Her lifestyle was slowly destroying her physical health and her relationships with abusive men were taking an increasing toll. [...] Though the last years of her life were mostly lost to drugs and alcohol, a rare performance with her old friend Lester Young provided a small grace note. The precise nature of her relationship with Young had been mysterious even to those closest to them, but at some point in the late 1930s they’d had a falling out and hadn’t spoken to each other for years. In 1957 they reunited for a televised rendition of “Fine and Mellow.” Young would die alone in a hotel room two years later, a victim of chronic alcoholism [...] Billie Holiday outlived Lester Young by only a few months. She was admitted to the hospital for liver and heart problems in May of 1959. ...

(ko se ne naježi džabe joj fakultet... :)

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